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The Amazing Journey of Solomon the Sockeye Salmon

This story tells of the lifecycle of Solomon, a sockeye salmon.   Solomon's 2,000+ mile journey begins and ends in the headwaters of the Russian River, in Alaska.   However, Solomon's amazing journey is not without its perils, as vividly described and illustrated by the creators of this book.

* Selected for NBC affiliate KTUU's Cover2Cover book series review

* Finalist of INDIE Book Awards

* Purple Dragonfly Book Award and Royal Dragonfly Book Award

Bailey and the Magic Cupcake Truck

A love of cupcakes sends Bailey all over the world in her magical dreams, searching for that elusive cupcake truck.  Day after day goes by that Bailey is still waiting.    This beautifully written, illustrated and designed children's picture book will delight the reader.   Full of imaginative fantasy, it offers a surprising but lovely ending that will delight both parents and children.  (May be ordered through Amazon)

* Purple Dragonfly Book Award Winner

Books & Products

"Bella and the Full Moon Kittens" by Pamela Cannalte / Illustrated by Greg Deaner

 "Bella and the Full Moon Kittens" is a delightfully whimsical story about the exciting adventures of two children, Jacob and Samantha, who live on a ranch high in the Rocky Mountains. The two children rescue a cat, Bella, that becomes a beloved part of the ranch "family," which includes two horses, Silverjack and Easy, and two dogs, Buck and Bear. Bella's adoption deepens the relationship between Jacob and Samantha and their parents and grandmother Nana and brings to life a beautiful bond between the animals and Bella. The special relationship between Silverjack and Bella is particularly evident when Silverjack saves Bella's life. When Bella suddenly disappears, the children are heartbroken. Days run into weeks that the beloved pet is gone. But Bella brings a wonderful surprise to the entire ranch family in the end. This is a lovely tale of rural life on a ranch, teaching children responsibility for one's pets and emphasizing the importance of strong family values.  Available on Amazon.

"Colby the Curious Calf" by Pamela Cannalte / Illustration by Steven Beutler / Design by Jody Mattics / Edited by Tanya Ishikawa

 Colby lives on a ranch high in the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado.   He is such a curious little calf, who gets into some very big trouble!     Colby can be ordered through

A Year of Tranquility Perpetual Calendar

Gain inspiration from the daily motivational messages of affirmation, wisdom and encouragement. 

 (Currently sold out)

Coming in 2019 - 2020

Look forward to two new releases by Voyage Books 2019-2020!

  • Much anticipated Science Fiction Novel -  Intricately plotted, the story weaves international intrigue to reveal the chilling secret of humanity’s existence.
  • Young adult novel touching on the tragedy of bullying.

Other Recommended Books

"A Ranching Legacy" by Rafael Routson

Beautiful award winning coffee table book, with Wildlife Art by Edward Aldrich and Design by Larry Lindahl    This beautiful, full-color coffee-table book encompasses amazing photography and artwork along with eloquent text describing two historic working ranches in Southwestern Colorado that have been protected by conservation easements. This book has been recognized with three national book awards and effusive praise from readers. ( )

SWC by Natalie Heller


This award winning book features 50 color photographs embracing the splendor of the San Juan mountains and valleys; wild flowers, aspen, snow covered rivers, historic mine buildings, steam trains and ranch life photography. It has won 5 national awards for best photography and best coffee table book in 2016.  120 pages, Linen hardcover with dust jacket.

Available through Amazon and LoneCone Photography

"The Utes Must Go!" by Dr. Peter Decker

Tracing three centuries of Ute Indian history, "The Utes Must Go!" chronicles the policies and incidents that led to the involuntary removal of the Ute Indians from Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.  Historian, Author, Lecturer and Rancher Dr. Peter Decker, unveils new critical information on figures such as Colorado Governor Frederick Pitkin, General William T. Sherman, Interior Secretary Carl Schurz, famed newspaperman Horace Greeley, and Indian Agent Nathan Meeker, whose relentless mission to turn Indian hunters into farmers led to the tragedy at Milk Creek in 1879.   Check out all of Dr. Peter Decker's books at Western Slope Press.

"The Life and Times of Vince Kontny" by Vince Kontny

 The first in a four-volume series, this chronicle is filled with stories of life on the Great Plains, family values, travel and history; and how they intertwined and influenced daily living. In addition to family history, the book explains day-to-day life in that period (~1937 – 1959). For example, Kontny tells of driving a tractor as a six-year-old boy, and of his family’s involvement in the famous North Platte Canteen, which catered to servicemen on the troop trains stopping in North Platte, Nebraska, during World War II.  This book is attracting attention from award programs as well as other publications. An excerpt was featured in the April issue of Country magazine; another in the August/September issue of Farm & Ranch Living magazine. The 2011 National Indie Excellence Awards pronounced it the autobiography winner.   Check out all of Kontny's books at Double Shoe Publishing.

"I'm Bored! What's Next?" Understanding Childhood ADHD by Eric Unruh, MSW, LCSW and Gary Unruh, MSW, LCSW

 This book is intended to be an affordable, quick read for parents, teachers, relatives or others interested in understanding what childhood ADHD is all about. This book purposefully does not go into parenting strategies. PLEASE NOTE: If you would like the same information found in this book AND parenting strategies for childhood ADHD, please consider our newly released book "ADHD! What's Next? Parenting Strategies for Home and School." If you don't need the parenting strategies part and you simply want to learn or educate others on childhood ADHD, then this is the right book for you!   This book is available on Amazon.

"ADHD! What's Next?" by Eric Unruh, MSW, LCSW and Gary Unruh, MSW, LCSW


Father and son authors Gary Unruh and Eric Unruh "get it" because they have lived it. They have ADHD themselves and have personally experienced ADHD from both the parent's perspective and the child's perspective. In addition, they are both successful mental health professionals who together have spent 60-plus years helping ADHD kids live up to their full potential. It gives them both great joy helping children with ADHD live happy and healthy lives.

Does your child have ADHD? Parenting a child with ADHD isn't easy. But there are two things parents can do to help their child be successful at home and school.
First, gain a deeper understanding of ADHD. ADHD! What's Next? helps parents see there is much more to childhood ADHD than simply inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. This book describes ADHD through the riveting story of an ADHD boy named Chad, followed by 19 core descriptors of what ADHD really is - concepts like:
- ADHD kids are unable to be bored.
- ADHD kids are ultra-focused.
- ADHD kids have problems visualizing how long tasks will take.
- ADHD kids get frustrated when told to shift from a stimulating activity to a less stimulating activity.
The second step is to learn tried and tested parenting strategies. The authors walk parents through common challenges they may face with their ADHD child. But more importantly, they share solutions for those common problems; the same solutions they give their clients in therapy and in school staff meetings. In only125 pages, parents will understand ADHD and acquire proven ways to help their child succeed at home, in school, and in life.
 Available on Amazon.

Additional Recommendations

Mines, Miners, and Much More by Don Paulson


The book, Mines, Miners and Much More, describes the history of gold and silver mining in the San Juan Triangle region of southwestern Colorado in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It discusses the role of prospectors and mining entrepreneurs in creating and operating mines and covers the miner’s life at the mines and in the mining towns. Chapters are also included on mining dangers, milling and smelting gold and silver ore as well as several other topics including a guide to local mines that can be visited.   This book which sells for $19.95 may be ordered through the link provided.

Mines, Miners, and Much More by Don Paulson may be ordered through: 

Immensity by Beth Paulson


In Immensity, Beth Paulson couples her poetic sensibility with a curiosity inspired by contemporary scientific theory. Moments in a life lived among the mountains and canyons of the American West and beyond are reflected in poems crafted to share both wonder and knowledge of the Universe. Flora and fauna mingle with force fields and dark matter as time and place become a poet’s anchors. In this new book deep experiences of nature, the beauty of art, and the search for love culminate in acceptance of the finitude of human life. This book sells for $17.00 and may be ordered through the link provided.

Immensity by Beth Paulson may be ordered through: